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Upped the filesize. by parley - 05/02/15 @ 07:17:41 AM


I changed the default filesizes from 1MB to 12MB (don't ask why the boards say 11 instead of 12, just believe me).
as always, post your suggestions to /bs/, if you have any ideas on how we can implement our voting system, email me, or post on 314.

as always, enjoy your imageboard.

Everything looks disgusting by parley - 04/20/15 @ 06:29:53 PM

Yes. I know. I'm updating the CSS to a more HTML5 experience. Like Anonsaba 2, we will continue to work on the code, until it looks modern, without sacrificing the core imageboard experience. We strive every day to make our imageboard the best. suggest boards, suggest how we can be better, and keep on posting. If you see spam, please report it, and we'll remove it.

I'm updating by parley - 04/16/15 @ 09:32:35 PM

I'll be updating the code. Prepare for everything to break.

Guess who's back... Back again. by parley - 04/14/15 @ 11:05:37 AM

314chan is finally back after two years of stagnation.

Along with /bs/ we are working on an election system that will allow a user to become the head administrator for a certain number of months. It will take a bit of time to set this up, and until then, we will resume the old system of 314chan that dates back from our foundations in 2011. As always, suggest boards, Join IRC, and enjoy your 314chan.


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