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IRC IS DOWN by parley - 04/17/14 @ 01:07:00 PM

IRC is down, it'll be back up soon.

314chan: 4 years, and still not dead! by parley - 03/14/14 @ 01:52:19 AM

Hello, all. I would just like to take the time to thank everyone for contributing any content uploaded to 314chan. I am proud at how far we have come. Pic above is made by someone who anonymously submitted a picture celebrating the birthday of what we hold dear, and true.

With our birthday being today, I opened the boards. The file field may be missing (still a work in progress), it doesn't mean we can't still post. When we add images to the code base, you will be given the temporary power to add an image after the post was made.

We have added a very simplistic (and is in no way set) ban script, so please make sure that discussions still follow 314chan's rules. Every time I think about how old this site is, it always brings tears to my eyes.

We brought the idea of you, the user interacting with staff (by creating /bs/, and general interactions) unlike any of our copies. This is what made 314chan great in my eyes.

Always Remember: Posting means Freedom.

I'll probably come back to this later, and make edits, seeing I wrote this at 2:00 AM.

quick parleynote: we know the post numbers are way off. We'll figure that out later


More updates.. by grumpy - 02/17/14 @ 09:52:13 AM

Hello 314chan, so where is your posting ability at? Well posting is 100% functional although moderation isn't there to safeguard posting. Feel free to take a look at the demo found here. I am probably gonna have images available for posting upon initial release.

So how much longer this time grumpy........
Well very soon. Anonsaba 2.0 is coming together slow for a reason. WELL WTF IS THAT REASON FOR ASS HOLE?!?!

As we are all aware 314chan used to run a heavy modified version of Kusaba X. Kusaba X is great and all, but it is time to ditch the 90s style coding and move to something more efficient. So instead of taking Kusabas (not Kusaba X) route of writing an imageboard in 1 hour i've decided to take my time and make sure everything works and isn't exploitable as I go.

Ok so idgaf about any of the above GIVE ME AN ETA GOD DAMN IT

Fine... All that is left until parley will be given the decision to unlock the boards is banning (and images(maybe)). That is all.

Changes by grumpy - 02/05/14 @ 02:57:14 PM

Hello 314chan, well what is left of 314chan. So as you can probably tell that I am slowly bringing 314chan back to life. At some point today you can expect posting to partially work. You wont be able to posts with images until further notice. However whenever posting with images is implemented there will be a ONE time post edit where you can go back and add images to your posts.

So whats changed since you last used 314chan?
1. Complete rewrite of Anonsaba.
2. Less bugs
3. Omg shit actually works (kinda).

Please note that Anonsaba 2.0 is still in it's Beta stages so if something breaks please report it to /bug/ - Bugs. Also feel free to come on IRC @ irc.314chan.org if you want an answer that second.

I know 314chan was down for awhile, but during that time I have done some serious overhaul of the way an imageboard should perform. I hope you all enjoy Anonsaba 2.0 just as much as I enjoyed creating it.

UPDATE: WHERES MY POSTING ABILITY?!?! Well it's there however the templates are mixing everything up. Once that gets fixed. A few boards will be added and boards will be unlocked (finally).

h by parley - 02/05/14 @ 01:58:42 PM

Hey all. 314chan (and Anonsaba 2.0) is back up and running. The only things that are left to do on the managerial side is to write the News, FAQ, Rules, and trying to decide which boards to keep initially. We we should be up by tomorrow. After we get all major functions working, we will move this over to the main domain. I'm happy we are back up, and it wouldn't be possible without grumpy.

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