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This is a Haruko based Imageboard!

File: (44.34KB, 552x554, 0b552742c90400591e07aed4030b66040627e00ee4c0ed237027455121e6f462.jpg)
I'm glad 314chan is back.
I'm glad you're back.
File: (140.00KB, 28731429285fd90e3814fd31949270455e8b811c993013431431a1a2f342084e.mp4)
Thank you.

Is it possible that the maximum file size will be increased at some point, or is space at a premium? I assume πchan is running on a VPS or similar modest space.
I can def up the file size. what size would you like to see outta us? I can test upload speeds against how fast I can make PHP work.
File: (161.22KB, 620x559, 3b4880525800793d2713ef0bb8a9c48ead542147bda2d31599f57d4d713060de.jpg)
I think the images I have and would post are fairly typical of imageboard users, with the exception that I don't have a lot of big wallpapers or high-res porn. I ran some numbers on my images folder to give you some ideas:

In the last 3.5 months, I've downloaded 381 images and videos (mostly from imageboards) in jpg, png, gif, webm, and mp4 formats. They range in size from 5.77 KiB to 13.49 MiB, with a median size of 233.7 KiB. Of the 381 images, 345 are below the current maximum file size, assuming it's actually 2.00 MiB and not 2.00 MB (SI units), so there are only 36 images/videos I couldn't currently post. If the maximum file size were raised to 5.00 MiB, I'd be able to post 371 of the 381 images in my folder. If the maximum file size were raised to 10.00 MiB, I'd be able to post 378 of the 381 images in my folder. So, diminishing returns.

I actually asked about the file size because I'm hoping to brush up on my ffmpeg skills and start making some webms (pulled from films and shows, mostly) to post here, but I don't know yet how big they'll likely be. I suspect bigger than 2.00 MiB in many cases, though.
so 10MBs?

(I'm also testing if posting broke)
File: (159.67KB, 598x465, b38b193bf02ecd1752bfbe649569648918519b2c6aaf12efc46563e2de9c111a.jpg)
>so 10MBs?
That'd be great.

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