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Only a complete imbecile would find anything on this worthy of fact, and should not be taken at face value.

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File: (185.48KB, 600x600, doomed.png)
Heres a story

>be me
>14 aspie
>go on deviantart for art n roleplays
>see new group
>has its own system like a game
>make oc and join
>start to get harassed by the other users
>decide to re-read the spaghetti rules
>admin forgot to fix
>make a rant journal
>banned for "Harassment"
>try making apologies with the admin
>admin harasses me
>social level is potato
>get depressed
>also get harassed by his fans when i decide to open my own rpg group
>timeskip, 16
>get sent to hospital (pre empt suicide) for his harassment
>get out, saw his mom died
>admin rages
>now made comics to witch hunt me
>get my own mom to contact him via NPCbook
>he lied to her about the whole thing
>grounded from internet

>see he makes reddit comics
>meme thief is obvious
>yell at him
>sends mom a thing where if i harassed him one more time the law would get involved
>mother fucker silences me
>mfw i still have depression
>mfw this fucker harassed an autistic child and got away with it
>mfw hes reddit famous

Admin is Srgrafo, i cant show most evidence due to my therapist to "Delete the past to remove bad memories

How do i get revenge on this asshole?
everyone in this story is autistic even the moms and the therapist
sources dude trust me
do you know this guy in real life? how the fuck does this guy have a hotline right to your mom? how did he know it was you years later if its online?
I've run into that namefag before, he's a giant cunt but your story makes no fucking sense.

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