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a: This board is for the discussion of V-tubers and related topics. This board is not only for the major v-tubers, but for any and all v-tubers. Discuss who the best waifu is. If you have any questions, feel free to post on >>>/314/ with your questions or how you'd like to see the site go. 
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reminder to watch independent vtubers 
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Vtubers are sluts emotionally abusing men for money. Fuck vtubers. 
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What things has a Vtuber for being a good Vtuber?: Sorry for my bad english guys Im living in one of the countries with the more long term quarantine at the moment, i like sharing my drawings and chatting with others, but since isolation started here, i can do that by an online way only. I discovered vtubers around July thanks to a friend and he started to motivate me to start doing streams. But, idk i would like to read some opinions about what things makes a Vtuber being a good streamer.  
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hey whoever is modding this place, am I good to post lewds here? 
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sup /by/, let's kick this board off with a Waifu thread. I don't know what it is about Kaguya Luna, but she's super cute and makes me drool all over the floor. who's your favorite? (keep in mind that since this is a brand new board, so you won't see any content on it until you post your own stuff.) 
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Calli superchat reading stream starting: Live! How much do you all think people will simp for Calli? 

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