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sup /by/, let's kick this board off with a Waifu thread. I don't know what it is about Kaguya Luna, but she's super cute and makes me drool all over the floor. who's your favorite?

(keep in mind that since this is a brand new board, so you won't see any content on it until you post your own stuff.)
File: (212.07KB, 1134x1770, EigioLuUwAAGCgH.jpeg)
File: (252.84KB, 115x115, shark_a.gif)
cute shark, anon

should I add an emote for pic related?

also welcome to 314chan
i had no idea there were imageboards with emotes
yee, there's a lot of imageboards that want to be a bit more different so usually people try different boards, or different fancy features. I personally am working on "self moderating threads" which I made a shitton of progress on, then I accidentally forgot to push the code :E

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Best girl

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