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Running an ad on Pornhub so don't be surprised if there's more porn that get uploaded. 

To those coming from the ad, welcome!

if you find bugs or issues with the site, let me know here, and I'll yell--err talk with tom and see if we can fix it
>and then I enabled the captcha!
i think there is a bug with making a thread both anchored and cyclic that immediately deletes any new replies. anyway there is something going on with cloudflare probably that is making it so that some thread replies are only visible through the overboard catalog and nowhere else.
whitelist /webring.json from cloudflare so other sites can crawl you
What the hell is with that advert bot? The last time I saw anything like that was when I installed a browser extension that included some malware to change random words on pages into hyperlinks to online merchants. Where did this thing come from?
why is he called parley?
add TOR and maybe also Loki desu
was thinking about making this the notification sound [if possible] it was Mark Zuckerberg from a Facebook app from 2014. thoughts (also testing audio files)?

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