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Running an ad on Pornhub so don't be surprised if there's more porn that get uploaded. 

To those coming from the ad, welcome!

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if you find bugs or issues with the site, let me know here, and I'll yell--err talk with tom and see if we can fix it
>>>/b/202 appears in the overboard catalog but not in /b/ board catalog or in the thread itself. notice that the link is not crossed out, meaning it isn't registering as a deleted post.
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I think this issue was fixed. probably a caching issue of some kind.
damn, how broken is this?
This should be fixed. Like I said in another post, the scheduler wasn't (or isn't) updating html like it should be.
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looks good to me
hey NIGGA can i get a real ban with a reason instead of "your IP is on a blacklist"? i didnt post in a while and nothing i posted in the past is removed so wtf gives man
Replies: >>46 >>47
Hey, send like whatever service you're using is apart of a spamlist. I decided to try the DNSBL feature in the code but if it's blocking legit posts, I'm sorry. I'll disable the feature/work on a better solution when I get back home from work. For now, we have a bypass.
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my unconcealed IP address with Verizon (the one i'm posting with now) as well as many different VPN locations all gave the same error, i had to try a couple of times with Tor to even get >>45 through
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Didn't post an update. Even though it gives the site more spam, I disabled the DNSBL system. I'll continue investigating better systems.
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ayo much appreshiated my nigga
getting Internal Server Error on every other file i try to upload (not every other attempt - every other specific file)
Replies: >>51
On which board?
Replies: >>52
all of them, most recently /b/ i believe
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Strange. After I check the logs, and find nothing suspicious, I'll bring it up with Tom when I get the chance.

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