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Running an ad on Pornhub so don't be surprised if there's more porn that get uploaded. 

To those coming from the ad, welcome!

i think there is a bug with making a thread both anchored and cyclic that immediately deletes any new replies. anyway there is something going on with cloudflare probably that is making it so that some thread replies are only visible through the overboard catalog and nowhere else.
Weird. It's showing up in the global posts view/in the mod index as well. I'll report both.
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i can only see this thread and your reply in overboard catalog, i'm replying to you right now on the thread page and i can't see your reply, just the OP. wtf is going on? did you break jschan parley?
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What. What browser are you using lmao
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Jk, just checked it myself. When I get home tonight, I'll ask Tom for guidance. It might be node.js not doing it's timed scripts for caching
Firefox and other Mozilla forks if it actually matters

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