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Running an ad on Pornhub so don't be surprised if there's more porn that get uploaded. 

To those coming from the ad, welcome!

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why is he called parley?
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Funny thing about that however, "parsley" used to be my Twitter username, an in joke with someone I was IRChatting with at the time, they always called me "parsley" lol
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who is meant to be the enemy?
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Ok look it's not my fault I was a kid when I started my site kek. At the time, I think my logic was that it was moot because he wasn't doing anything to push 4chan forward.
 But don't quote me on that.
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how easy was it to start the site back then? did you always use cloudflare?
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>how easy was it to start the site back then?

well back in the day it was pretty easy to pick software it was either pick a "chan in a box" (Kusaba X was the only feasible option back then) or manage every board like 3chan currently does, where every board is a separate mod interface (a la Futabally)

anyways long story short it was kinda easy. difficult to find hosting as a kid.

>did you always use cloudflare?

we just recently swapped to it. originally [like 2-3 years now], we were on Bitmitigate. Only reason why we're on those types of platform is souly for application security and speed. I'll be working on other means of accessing the site. Fortunately, Cloudflare has gotten better privacy wise in terms of [allegedly] deprecating cfduid since the 10th of last month (flush those cookies now!)

sorry for the rambling, lmao just not much to do and it's good to just chill
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why apologize for "rambling" when you perfectly answered the questions?

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