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Only a complete imbecile would find anything on this worthy of fact, and should not be taken at face value.

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Hello internetlings. This is a time capsule, tell the people of 2024 anything. Multiple threads are being posted, seeking as many responses as possible. On October 7th, 2020, all of these links will be archived and preserved as they were on that date in time. On October 7th, 2024 these archived links will be posted around the web. Participation is mandatory.
hope you're still alive after the rona hit :)
Fuck futurefags
fuck off normalnigger
How was Trump's second term?
couldve been worse anon, they could've used le epik emoji 😂😂😂
File: (40.94KB, 1024x486, 1596824475796.png)
Beware of the dark, the moon, ad the trip fag, anime is good, watch gokudo
And the tripfag*
Implying it stays up until then
Who needs Ddos, when we have Parsley?
I've done a good job so far this time around, I think lmao

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