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Only a complete imbecile would find anything on this worthy of fact, and should not be taken at face value.

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File: (24.79KB, 500x351, ava.jpeg)

I want to warn you, your imageboard was added to a JSON imageboard list. And this is a bad thing.
Why? Because it allows easy spam on imageboard. These JSON lists are beneficial only for spammer,
not potencial visitors, because they don't have any information about the imageboard (i.e. what is
usually discussed, what kind of topics are covered etc.) normal user want to know, but it has
information that normal people don't need, and spammers need really badly (e.g. imageboard engine).
Also JSON format is easily processed by computer, unlike some random HTML webpage like bvffalo.land
or allchans.org or even shittyboard.ga which was made specifically for shilling my imageboard, but
in the end it didn't work, so whatever.

Actually, I'm using this list in order to spam this message to all imageboards, so admins are

In case you're wondering this are JSON imageboards lists I know:

t. Eagle
(nice 314)

I'm fine with being on a list. I've had 10 years of spam removal, and I haven't even seen spam recently on many imageboards.

thanks for your worry though
spam is fucking great because salty faggots like you

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