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Only a complete imbecile would find anything on this worthy of fact, and should not be taken at face value.

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trying to diagnose the issues with mp4.

I'd really like to get a mod on 314chan for around 8PM PST (4 AM UTC) but I also don't want to put someone through the burden of using the mod tools. if you like software masochism, and have Chrome (sorry, there's a Firefox cookie issue I'm trying to fix) contact me at admin@314chan.org!

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File: (185.48KB, 600x600, doomed.png)
Heres a story

>be me
>14 aspie
>go on deviantart for art n roleplays
>see new group
>has its own system like a game
>make oc and join
>start to get harassed by the other users
>decide to re-read the spaghetti rules
>admin forgot to fix
>make a rant journal
>banned for "Harassment"
>try making apologies with the admin
>admin harasses me
>social level is potato
>get depressed
>also get harassed by his fans when i decide to open my own rpg group
>timeskip, 16
>get sent to hospital (pre empt suicide) for his harassment
>get out, saw his mom died
>admin rages
>now made comics to witch hunt me
>get my own mom to contact him via NPCbook
>he lied to her about the whole thing
>grounded from internet

>see he makes reddit comics
>meme thief is obvious
>yell at him
>sends mom a thing where if i harassed him one more time the law would get involved
>mother fucker silences me
>mfw i still have depression
>mfw this fucker harassed an autistic child and got away with it
>mfw hes reddit famous

Admin is Srgrafo, i cant show most evidence due to my therapist to "Delete the past to remove bad memories

How do i get revenge on this asshole?
everyone in this story is autistic even the moms and the therapist
sources dude trust me

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