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Running an ad on Pornhub so don't be surprised if there's more porn that get uploaded. 

To those coming from the ad, welcome!

/mu/ pls
I want to try to limit the number of legacy boards I have on the site, especially since people could make the argument "why use 314chan if 4chan had the same board?" I'd miss than likely do a spin on the board, like music creation. However, I'm still open to opinions on this.
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>"why use 314chan if 4chan had the same board?"
same can be asked for any altchan, the answer is that 4chan sucks ass :^)
you could make a board for creating art in general and if it picks up enough speed and demand for segregation you can split it into ~/i/ and ~/mu/ and more.
Music Creation sounds like a fun board.
That shit is boring now

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