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/mlp/ maybe.
ブランドコピー代引き http://www.xsr-moto.ru/
Cleansing Wet Wipe https://www.hwelmaywipes.com/cleansing-wet-wipe/
While still "under construction," the /sci/ board over on fatchan has been opened. We take a different approach to science than both the 20th century mainstream and the 21st century dissidents, come by and check it out sometime: https://fatchan.org/sci/index.html
gulp html
talk about vidya.
hey /b/ what logo do y'all like the most?

Edit: ignore the subtitle to the logo, they asked for a tagline and that's all I had
Censor for betas
Hey guys, I just wanted to show off my sexy slutty body. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask for more.
Grabith clintus dickus
my name is caroline von holten   mymom  is jeanett   who can post me overall
Post your alt-chan links here so I can fucking ban you
what's an image board without /pol/ ?
Lol board
only monster girls are sexy, not humans
Liru is a very attractive, strong and intelligent werewolf princess.  This is a thread related to her and Magipoka.
today my brother said he saw a strange thing during the night. he told me he saw a shadow with white eyes, with no other facial features, staring at him sitting on a chair. my brother is blind
you killed the site with switching to (((new))) software
Not sure what happened to the other thread, but I guess I'll restart it. Here's some naughtybby99 content. If y'all want more unreleased/private shit lemmie know
ogga booga where da wite wimin at MUH DIK
I am new ti this board
Parley you incompetent retard, why can't you keep this site online for longer than 3 days?
There are more polygons in Lady dimitrescu's ass than the entirety of RE1
Oh look the incompetent retard admin finally fixed his shit.
what happened to Haruko?
foto video lolita clips

pizza link removed.
>and then I enabled the captcha!
>workout time!
[link removed]
come home white man
Gonna post about a horror game ive been playing on and off for the last 15 years if that interests anybody 


Attached is a screenshot of the game. It's perfect for people with time on their hands at work or dont have a strong pc for gaming etc. You basically play as either a human, vampire or zombie in the quarantined city of serling and fight it out. It has both elements of PVP and npc enemies.  You can form up groups which sort of function like guilds, which allow  the use of group storage. they also recently (well sort of recently) added base buildings items and crafting (Example: you can fence off a building, any undead have to break the fencing in order to access the buildings. there are different types of fencing and walls you can make via crafting, along with other stuff) 

If you do decide to play, my advice for anyone is stop by a fire department and pick up a walkie talkie it allows you to talk to the rest of the game and your first skill I suggest buying is the hiding one so you don't get killed as often.

Oh one last thing, here is a map of the game. its easy to get lost without it 

disable file requirement on this board desu
Vox news imageboard. The voice of the people. Come post and have some fun. :)
/mu/ pls
first post worst post lol
>fart poop
It's Hump Day...🐫
Can we get our own /pdf/ board? also rules when?
Stop playing video games.
lain said that if I keep learning the Japanese language and how to write in LISP, she will teach me the secret of antigravity.
i think there is a bug with making a thread both anchored and cyclic that immediately deletes any new replies. anyway there is something going on with cloudflare probably that is making it so that some thread replies are only visible through the overboard catalog and nowhere else.
whitelist /webring.json from cloudflare so other sites can crawl you
Join us!
4chan doing event
while Globohomo trying to appropriate entire month for own propaganda
let's take entire summer for tomboys



https://pastebin.com/[I HAVE NO FATHER]
What the hell is with that advert bot? The last time I saw anything like that was when I installed a browser extension that included some malware to change random words on pages into hyperlinks to online merchants. Where did this thing come from?
Jan Paweł II pierdolił małe dzieci
why is he called parley?
Have you guys heard of the dead internet theory? It has basically been going around on several other chans that basically since the time when almost all main websites and search engines are down to a few, that these mega corporations made AI. Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products.
consider using lynxchan instead of jschan
God woes upon þis site, for þis place lacks þy substance
sad truth
add TOR and maybe also Loki desu
Thoughts on alternate methods of computation? Have you heard anything big about them recently? Any ideas about feasibility or what might be the next tech to make it big?

It's been a while since I kept up with any news related to the field, but I saw an article recently that said Google is looking to build quantum computers for business and standard commercial operation by 2029. It reminded me that new computation methods are slowly developing and I don't think people talk about them enough. They all focus on quantum computing which is cool and all, but it's all anyone talks about when talking about non-traditional computing.

Back in 2014-2015 I remember being excited about all the new developments with memristors and how they I think it was HP were able to start calculations with a few bits already. I haven't heard anything new since then. Optical still seems to have the same size issues as before from a quick search. Spintronics are neat and have been useful in hard drives for years already, but I really want to see where the use of skyrmion manipulation goes. The idea of read data from, and performing computation using psuedo-particles based on vortices in magnetic fields is just too cool.
https://facebook.com/[this is probably a weak trolling attempt, or a weak raid]
Make sure to get your 8 hours of sleep.
was thinking about making this the notification sound [if possible] it was Mark Zuckerberg from a Facebook app from 2014. thoughts (also testing audio files)?
Make a /sp/ board. This place has a depressing lack of sports
Would you consider making a science based board?
Make a board for my discord server so I can advertise it there, https://discord.gg/[I have no father figure so I post my discord invite link on imageboards]
if you find bugs or issues with the site, let me know here, and I'll yell--err talk with tom and see if we can fix it
>we must boycott EVIL GOOGLE PLAY & GROUPS
>googling for solutions to our problem with google
Ten years you spent working on that imageboard software only to abandon it. Ten years and it was utter shit.
capcode tests.
this one is the standard parley ##

Apparently, I can edit posts! neat.
Sup /v/ what are a good coop games to play with your significant others
>implying you have s.o's
I have a date tomorrow with my long distance relationship and I want to make it special. I already have "It takes two" down as a game. We both have VR to if that makes things easier somehow

Pic unrelated
place still exists? love the dedication, haruko engine has gone a long way, we used to chat about the engine on twitter years ago, i hope ur good, i was the dude who told u adblock blocked banners lol, anyways, good luck,
Hi parley :)
seems like everything is working properly now! here's a fancy flag attached to the post
hon you better port Naota theme here
can this the the theme?
Neat site...hope it takes off

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