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capcode tests.
this one is the standard parley ##
place still exists? love the dedication, haruko engine has gone a long way, we used to chat about the engine on twitter years ago, i hope ur good, i was the dude who told u adblock blocked banners lol, anyways, good luck,
We will start this with some boobs
Sup /v/ what are a good coop games to play with your significant others
>implying you have s.o's
I have a date tomorrow with my long distance relationship and I want to make it special. I already have "It takes two" down as a game. We both have VR to if that makes things easier somehow

Pic unrelated
Hi parley :)
Ten years you spent working on that imageboard software only to abandon it. Ten years and it was utter shit.
seems like everything is working properly now! here's a fancy flag attached to the post
gulp html
hon you better port Naota theme here
can this the the theme?
Neat site...hope it takes off

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