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File: (38.77KB, 740x490, Euler_post.jpg)
here you can post things you're tired of, I'll start

I'm tired of uni

totally unrelated pic
Tired of people leaving because of weakness and the lack of health others take for granted
I'm getting tired of my job, I want nothing else but to work on the site, and make it successful/make this my job
Getting tired of slaving away, just so I can eek out a semblance of survival.
Shit isn't showing signs of getting better anytime soon.
OP here, the fuck next day I posted this, big happening in my country, I don't have uni until next year wtf 314chan scares me
sometimes I can't even explain my own site. I've had so many occasions of things like that happening it's weird
getting tired of wasteful coworkers that keep asking me how to save money or advice on their workplace love affairs.
OP here, I love uni now, but I'm still tired of exams
Tired of wageslaving. Actually I'm exhausted from it so I'm just going to stop doing it.
Give them bad advice.
Tired of being a tired, bitter misanthrope.

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