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trying to diagnose the issues with mp4.

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join this for music, art, and bant sharing discord.gg/KNzz9Wk

File: (874.53KB, Lil Noise - Acid 555.mp4)

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After a sloppy listen along job on my behalf, we're back again.
Hopefully this one will be more fun for the whole family.
We will be listening to the album of this edition, as well as doing a proper listening to the previous album after.
Feel free stop in the cytube room before the listenalong, Muscises will do a 45 minute /vgmg/ segment.
By request, we are doing the listenalong in a different cytube room:


>First GET with a IMAGE is COVER
>First GET with a TEXT is TITLE

Deadline and listenalong:
Which is the same as:
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We're doing a new listenalong, for real this time. Old cytube room. We might even listen to the previous album. If nobody rolls a name or picture, I'm just gonna choose whatever.

23:59 / 11:59 PM (CET)
File: 1580077668.png (33.74KB, 1055x181)
We're making a new album.
This is a bunker/alternative to uploaded your tracks for this album

Main: https://8kun.top/mu/res/102974.html
Or Discord: https://discord.gg/fDpkuwy

Older Albums:
It will be hosted at: https://cytu.be/r/thesememesdefinitelymemes

Go to the main thread for the title and cover GETS
The new album is here:

File: 1570998499.jpg (143.58KB, 800x800)
Looks like it's time again, fuckers
I don't expect anything as good as our last album, but do your best anyways. You have two (2) weeks. There are no themes on this thing (yet), but feel free to suggest any in thread.
>First GET with a IMAGE is COVER
>First GET with a TEXT is TITLE

Deadline and listenalong
Same day, 11:00 PM (22:00) (CEST)
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By today, I mean November 16th.
Mods, you can you know, at least try stopping spam like this.
>Offline forum
I'm the only staff on 314chan, and even I have to sleep.

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Is this any good?

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Jazz thread
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Just looking for people to play Rimworld with via Multiplayer Mod.

Contact me by joining the Steamgroupchat at this link
not /mu/ related, but thanks for the post. kept your thread unlocked on >>>/b/194 (though it should be kept to >>>/v/14 )

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why not also selfpromo
I will poast selfpromo when I have a bandcamp
File: 1571101617.jpg (555.99KB, 1200x1200)
gritty synthwave, found the lad on twitter randomly
File: 1571153435.jpg (761.10KB, 1200x1200)
another such find:
math rock? I guess

File: 1570120179.jpg (205.20KB, 960x960)
ÖXXÖ XÖÖX announced new album – Ÿ.

>Expanding the thematic foci of the band, their self-created language peels back layers surrounding the nature of reality while trying to comprehend the truth of an ambiguous and ominous “cube.”
>The album opens with a solemn funeral dirge – for a character, for mankind, or perhaps for sanity. Oozing with beauty and melancholic doom, the album gives way to bell-like organs before drums build to an assault. The record shifts rapidly from haunting laments to utter desperation and unhinged mania as the 78-minute journey spirals deeper and deeper into the maze of enigma.
>There is no equal in the realm of Öxxö, a band that evolves in real-time. An artistic unit that has no competitors, and its inspirations burst forth from its own wellspring of curious audio and visual dimensions.

>RELEASE: November 29th, 2019
>VINYL RELEASE: December 13th, 2019

>LABEL: Blood Music

1. 44³

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Very nice
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Please share interdasting informative vids on music.
Sharing a video on future funk and how and why it developed.
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Since the embed feature is not working on my end, I'll just link it here:
(How Larry Heard made house music deep | Resident Advisor)
Was there an error that came up? I'll fix this first then I get home. If it was for a YouTube video, just post the link. I should probably add invidio.us to the embed table too if people start using that over YouTube links
Yes, it came with an "embed failed" message. Maybe I should had used the YouTube link, then it would had worked but I am a little paranoid about that.

File: 1567530247.png (535.49KB, 600x422)
Lock up your daughters, lock up your wife cause ARF is back again to spread the neverending autism. We'll be turning 5 on the 26th, so that's going to be our deadline.
I don't want to hold back the creative flow by setting a theme, but I very much welcome if you cover or remix an older ARF track, or make it anniversary related.
>first GET with image becomes artwork
>first GET with text becomes title unless it suits the first criteria
>deadline and listenalong 26th, most probably 8 PM GMT
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I have been looking all over for you guys in the past weeks, and you didn't tell me that there was a 5th anniversary album. Fuck it, I'll contribute to the next one.

Btw, I finally got FL Studio, so there will be more high quality stuff.
I found you faggots, and I was kind of busy learning FL Studio.

We've organised and decided where to base in the >discord server.

File: 1565751132.jpg (123.35KB, 1000x794)
This is my board now baby
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This is Muscises, and I just want to let you know that there is a music board on julay.world, and I was hoping if you or someone else would be interested to take the BO role, since I have it, and I'll be vol there instead.

Would you like that?

Also, I apologize for my spergout, I really missed you guys and I was just excited to finally find you guys after browsing the ARF Bandcamp page for weeks.
if you're talking about the owner of this board, it's owned by management. if you want to bring people here, feel free :)
Alright I'll be happy to, and if you don't want to join the webring for any reasons, I understand that. I'm just glad that I found out about this place, and again I apologize for the spam.

File: 1569445526.jpg (117.12KB, 999x999)
Alrighty my fellow African Americans, deadline is tomorrow (26th) 9 PM, listenalong is half hour later, GMT time. (That means 24 hours and 30 minutes from now)

Make the remaining time count
is this it? is the journey over?

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Other asian contemporary music also welcome.

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ethnic music thread
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fixed. turns out the site was trying to server mixed content. sorry!
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t. hanks!
now what else should we betatest? hmm
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god I love nigger music

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Autistic Rage Festival is back, now on 314chan since the glowinthedarks shut 8ch down. They might take away /pol/ (thankfully) but they can't take away our autism.

>Newfag here what's an ARF?
It's an ongoing musical project of 8chan/mu/ since 2014, everyone is welcome to contribute, there's absolutely no rules in what you can submit, post a title and a downloadable link to your music (catbox.moe and flac format preferred)
>Artwork and album title
If you reply dubs and have an image uploaded, that will be the artwork, after that every reply containing text that first got dubs becomes the title.
Shit, I don't know, let's settle with aug 22nd and we'll see.
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