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Please share interdasting informative vids on music.
Sharing a video on future funk and how and why it developed.
I'll post this since Deep House has become a favorite genre of mine, and I think this story should encourage anyone who feels like the direction they are going in is not the status-quo.

A lot of the classic house producers seemed like nice people, and Larry Heard fits that criteria. Also, you learn about Chicago and how they were pioneers of different genres of House. In my honest opinion, the best House and Techno music comes from America, but I understand if you have some national pride and prefer your home country.
Since the embed feature is not working on my end, I'll just link it here:
(How Larry Heard made house music deep | Resident Advisor)
Was there an error that came up? I'll fix this first then I get home. If it was for a YouTube video, just post the link. I should probably add invidio.us to the embed table too if people start using that over YouTube links
Yes, it came with an "embed failed" message. Maybe I should had used the YouTube link, then it would had worked but I am a little paranoid about that.

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