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File: (205.20KB, 960x960, 71555803_3047109345331013_5636636700412215296_n.jpg)
ÖXXÖ XÖÖX announced new album – Ÿ.

>Expanding the thematic foci of the band, their self-created language peels back layers surrounding the nature of reality while trying to comprehend the truth of an ambiguous and ominous “cube.”
>The album opens with a solemn funeral dirge – for a character, for mankind, or perhaps for sanity. Oozing with beauty and melancholic doom, the album gives way to bell-like organs before drums build to an assault. The record shifts rapidly from haunting laments to utter desperation and unhinged mania as the 78-minute journey spirals deeper and deeper into the maze of enigma.
>There is no equal in the realm of Öxxö, a band that evolves in real-time. An artistic unit that has no competitors, and its inspirations burst forth from its own wellspring of curious audio and visual dimensions.

>RELEASE: November 29th, 2019
>VINYL RELEASE: December 13th, 2019

>LABEL: Blood Music

1. 44³
2. D
3. 9C639
4. Köböl(D)
5. NS2
6. Lëïth Säë
7. 3ën
8. Döld
9. 999
Very nice
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