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IPs and flags now work!

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capcode tests.
this one is the standard parley ##
parley ## Owner
parley ##Owner

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place still exists? love the dedication, haruko engine has gone a long way, we used to chat about the engine on twitter years ago, i hope ur good, i was the dude who told u adblock blocked banners lol, anyways, good luck,
>place still exists?
eyup. I've been running 314chan for 10 years, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon.
>love the dedication
>haruko engine has gone a long way, we used to chat about the engine on twitter years ago
I actually (possibly temporarily) depreciated Haruko. I got too busy with work so I couldn't build on site features.Hopefully it'll be back eventually, when I can focus on it. I do like this code though!
>i hope ur good, i was the dude who told u adblock blocked banners lol
I'm doing okay, just chillin. yeah that was a really weird bug!
>good luck
thanks! hope you come back for more

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Hi parley :)
Yo ddudeman how's stuff? (also nice 69)

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Ten years you spent working on that imageboard software only to abandon it. Ten years and it was utter shit.
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I didn't spend 10 years working on Haruko, I spent 10 years working on 314chan. Haruko just isn't viable at this moment souly because of my current working condition. jschan is a bit better anyways so I can focus on rebuilding the community side of things (and the dev I know feels more comfortable on node.js, so I can expand the software later)

so stay tuned!
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It’s definitely for the best. A change in software could attract more people and maybe you could put Haruko back up on a subdomain ( or and so on).
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This shouldn’t mean the end for Haruko though
>>42 (OP) 
it became shit the day you joined desu

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>>23 (OP) 
Calm down Yuuko
Where’d Haruko go
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Development is currently on hiatus, but someone brought up the idea of moving Haruko to a subdomain, but I don't want to manage two sites so maybe as an archive.

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seems like everything is working properly now! here's a fancy flag attached to the post

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gulp html
working on stability before updating the frontpage. currently working on IP addresses

hon you better port Naota theme here
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yep, I'm planning to, just gotta learn SCSS (I'm pretty sure)
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post screenshot I'm curios

isn't scss just compiled into css?
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I'm at work, but the only screenshot I have was an early version of it from my tweet here:
>isn't scss just compiled into css?
Exactly. No clue how tf it works
I present a gift:
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oh shit thanks! I'll clean it up, and get back to ya soon!

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