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Running an ad on Pornhub so don't be surprised if there's more porn that get uploaded. 

To those coming from the ad, welcome!

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talk about vidya.
I'm so tired with battle royales

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There are more polygons in Lady dimitrescu's ass than the entirety of RE1
go back reddit
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haha penis

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Gonna post about a horror game ive been playing on and off for the last 15 years if that interests anybody 


Attached is a screenshot of the game. It's perfect for people with time on their hands at work or dont have a strong pc for gaming etc. You basically play as either a human, vampire or zombie in the quarantined city of serling and fight it out. It has both elements of PVP and npc enemies.  You can form up groups which sort of function like guilds, which allow  the use of group storage. they also recently (well sort of recently) added base buildings items and crafting (Example: you can fence off a building, any undead have to break the fencing in order to access the buildings. there are different types of fencing and walls you can make via crafting, along with other stuff) 

If you do decide to play, my advice for anyone is stop by a fire department and pick up a walkie talkie it allows you to talk to the rest of the game and your first skill I suggest buying is the hiding one so you don't get killed as often.

Oh one last thing, here is a map of the game. its easy to get lost without it 

cool share, reminds me of SS13. which reminds me, i still need to learn how to play that game...

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Stop playing video games.
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Sorry anon, video games are too fun :)
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They are a distraction for little minded people while the technological world-system continues to progress unimpeded towards the goal of complete and utter domestication of humans into nothing more than metaphorical sheeps. It could also be said that if the technological world-system is allowed to reach its logical conclusion then it will in all probability leave the Earth uninhabitable for all complex forms of life.
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Dude it's just pixels on a screen
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>>14 (OP) 

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Sup /v/ what are a good coop games to play with your significant others
>implying you have s.o's
I have a date tomorrow with my long distance relationship and I want to make it special. I already have "It takes two" down as a game. We both have VR to if that makes things easier somehow

Pic unrelated
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twilight imperium
only one switch game in that list
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I guess we could get some emulation going with eachother, but the ping would probably be atrocious considering they're 1,000 leagues away from me.
Time Soldier
Gauntlet 4
You could team up on custom maps on Age of Empires II 
Could try to not kill each other and see how far you can get in Space Wars
D&D Mystara
Mario Kart Double Dash
The Punisher
People seem to like Borderlands pretty sure that's coop

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