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Sup /v/ what are a good coop games to play with your significant others
>implying you have s.o's
I have a date tomorrow with my long distance relationship and I want to make it special. I already have "It takes two" down as a game. We both have VR to if that makes things easier somehow

Pic unrelated
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I don't think they have a switch, it'd be more likely PC games mainly, but good recommendations! Thanks anon
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twilight imperium
only one switch game in that list
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I guess we could get some emulation going with eachother, but the ping would probably be atrocious considering they're 1,000 leagues away from me.
Time Soldier
Gauntlet 4
You could team up on custom maps on Age of Empires II 
Could try to not kill each other and see how far you can get in Space Wars
D&D Mystara
Mario Kart Double Dash
The Punisher
People seem to like Borderlands pretty sure that's coop

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